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Back Pain

Back Pain treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

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Back Pain

Back pain treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Aging, accidents, and injuries can cause disc pain. Valley Spinal Care Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a holistic approach to herniated disc problems to ease pain and discomfort, without surgery or medications. Techniques like spinal decompression may rehydrate your disc to improve flexibility and movement. Find out about chiropractic care for disc pain by calling or booking a consultation online

What causes back pain?

Back pain can originate from past injuries, accidents, and conditions, such as:
● Herniated or ruptured discs● Sciatica● Muscle strains or tears
Back pain is common, and most people have at least one backache in their life.

What happens when I visit Valley Spinal Care Kierland about back pain?

Your practitioner assesses your overall health. They ask about your medical history and lifestyle, including:
● Past injuries and illnesses● Current health problems● Medications or supplements you’re taking● Diet ● Sleep habits● Exercise● Stress or anxiety● Use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
The visit is the ideal time to tell your practitioner about your back pain symptoms and when the pain started. Be sure to mention whether you’re experiencing signs of nerve problems, such as:
● Numbness● Tingling● Weakness
After asking you about your health, your practitioner performs a physical exam. The exam includes testing how well your spine moves. They may also check your blood pressure and recommend X-rays.

These tests look for problems that might be contributing to your back pain. After a thorough assessment, your practitioner recommends an appropriate treatment plan.

What is the treatment for back pain?

Your practitioner typically recommends one or more chiropractic techniques to alleviate your symptoms. For example, you may benefit from a process called spinal manipulation.

During spinal manipulation, you lie on a special table. Your practitioner uses their hands to move individual joints in your spine to the end of their range of motion. They next make light thrusting motions. Often called an adjustment, this technique realigns the bones of your spine to make them straighter.

Valley Spinal Care Kierland emphasizes holistic care. Because of this, your practitioner may suggest other treatments to complement spinal manipulation, such as physical therapy or cold light laser therapy.

Does spinal manipulation hurt?

You shouldn’t feel any pain during your manipulation. Afterward, you may feel a bit achy, stiff, and tired for a few days. These feelings indicate your body is adjusting to the new alignment.

What is cold light laser therapy for back pain?

This nonsurgical therapy uses both laser energy and infrared light to help relieve back pain due to a slipped disc or similar condition. The procedure involves a handheld device that your practitioner holds over your treatment area. The therapy is brief, taking between 30 seconds to several minutes.

If you’d like back pain relief — without surgery — call Valley Spinal Care Kierland today or book a consultation online.