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Neck Pain

Neck Pain treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

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Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Wear and tear over time, car accidents, and osteoarthritis are common sources of neck pain. If you’ve tried at-home care and need nonsurgical, drug-free care for neck pain, Valley Spinal Care Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona, can address the root cause of your condition with noninvasive options like cold light laser therapy. For more information, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

What causes neck pain?

Your neck is a complex structure made of vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles. These tissues and bones work together to support your head and allow you to move your neck and head freely.

Sometimes, the complexity of your neck makes is prone to injuries and degenerative disorders. These conditions can limit your range of motion and trigger neck pain. You may notice the pain also affects your arms, shoulders, or upper back.

What are the symptoms of neck pain?

Neck pain produces a variety of symptoms. Common signs to look for include:
● Headaches● Neck tightness● Muscle spasms ● Difficulty turning your head
Although some neck pain may eventually go away with at-home care and rest, in other cases, it’s best to seek care from Valley Spinal Care Kierland if your neck has been injured and you’re experiencing these symptoms:
● Severe pain● Pain lasting several days without relief● Pain spreading down your arms or legs● HeadachesWeakness, tingling, or numbness are other symptoms that should be checked out by the team at Valley Spinal Care Kierland.

How is neck pain diagnosed?

Your practitioner at Valley Spinal Care Kierland takes a complete medical history and asks you about your symptoms. They perform a thorough physical exam to determine the precise source of your neck pain.

They ask you to move your head forward and backward, and from side to side, to evaluate your range of motion. If necessary, you may need an X-ray or MRI. These imaging tests confirm your diagnosis.

How does Valley Spinal Care Kierland address neck pain?

The team at Valley Spinal Care Kierland develops a holistic treatment plan to ease your symptoms while focusing on addressing the source of your neck pain.
Your treatment options include but aren’t limited to:
● Adjustments to the spine● Physical therapy: to improve your strength and posture● Cold light laser therapy: a noninvasive treatment to promote cellular healing
Your practitioner discusses these options and others. Together you decide on the most appropriate therapy to set you on the path to recovery. Find out more today by calling or booking a consultation online with Valley Spinal Care Kierland.