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Gateway Pro Golf Tour

Dr. Serafini DC served as the Official Chiropractor for the Gateway Pro Golf Tour

I served as the official Chiropractor for the Gateway Pro Tour and I LOVE it!!!!

“Dr. Serafini brings to the table a background in athletics as a college football player and personal trainer… adding first hand knowledge to his skill set. The doctor has achieved remarkable results with local golfers, improving their swings and producing personal best scores! The treatments he provides improve neuro-muscular communication in merely seconds… increasing range of motion, strength, coordination, and speed. Unlock your potential and discover the winning edge that so many elite athletes utilize to stay on top of their game!”

– Gateway Pro Tour


Chris Serafini, DC is the Official Chiropractor of Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy, Gracie United Jiu-Jitsu in Phoenix, AZ.


If World Class Athletes use Chiropractic, doesn’t it make sense that you should too?

If you’re trying to get to the next level, then do what the Pro’s do and try Chiropractic!

I am a local doctor that has been trained by Dr. Jeff Spencer, DC/2004 Sports Chiropractor of the Year. As a golfer, you have taken care of getting the right equipment, coach, etc., but who takes care of your most important tool….YOUR BODY? I do. You will be AMAZED in one visit to my office.

Call Dr. Chris Serafini at VALLEY SPINAL CARE-KIERLAND at 480-443-7678 and make an appointment today. Health is by Choice not Chance.

Athletes who have benefited from chiropractic treatment with Dr. Chris Serafini:


Calais Campbell

NFL veteran ALL Pro and former Az Cardinal


Nick Fazekas

NBA Star


Richie Incognito

NFL All Pro


Andrew Silverman

Professional Golfer


Seth Blair

Professional Baseball Player

Seth was an All American at Arizona State University then picked in the first round by the St. Louis Cardinals!

applied kinesiology in scottsdale

Chase Cronk

“My name is Chase Cronk and I play professional golf. I’ve been going to Dr. Chris for a few years and we just recently started working with laser technology. I must say that at the beginning I was skeptical, but after working with the laser I began to see instant results. My body began communicating much more efficiently. I noticed better ball striking immediately, and even more focus mentally. I had my best finish as a pro finishing third after shooting a sixty-six immediately after working with the laser. I must say that I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this form of treatment to anyone! Thanks for everything."


Therese Koelbaek

LPGA Tour Pro Golfer

Winner of 5 Cactus Tour tournaments (local mini tour in Arizona)
Nominated for 2011 NCAA Woman of the Year UNLV Female Scholar Athlete of the Year 2011 Winner of 4 collegiate golf tournaments including NCAA West Regional 2008 Mountain West Conference Player of the Year 2011
Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year 2008
“Dr. Chris is a very knowledgeable chiropractor who has helped me with issues that other doctors couldn’t. He is great at what he does and every time I leave the office my body feels better than when I came in, also the staff at Valley Spinal Care is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.”


Julie Jepson

Yogi, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach

“I would like to commend Dr. Chris Serafini on his vast knowledge of chiropractic care and his ability to improve the health of his patients. As a personal trainer, I often see things such as muscular imbalances, impaired nerve function, postural problems, joint dysfunction, digestion and sleep problems, adrenal dysfunction, and metabolic or hormones inadequacies. Any of these conditions can affect the results I am able to deliver to my clients.With the help and expertise of Dr. Serafini’s treatments, ALL of the clients I have referred to him have not only felt better and improved several aspects of their health, but in turn seen greater results from my training as well. Even as my client’s “symptoms” disappear, they continue to get regular treatments from Dr. Serafini as part of their approach to maintain wellness. I trust Dr. Serafini with my own body and that of my client’s. It is difficult to find a chiropractor that you know will have your best interest at heart. Dr. Serafini is true health advocate and professional. I would recommend him to anyone!”


Derek Klier

Body Builder, Top Personal Trainer

“As a strength coach and personal trainer for 11 years, I have continually referred my clients and athletes to Dr. Chris Serafini for their HEALTH-care needs, all of which have agreed to my quoting him as “a magician of healthcare.” It is incredible to witness the improvements of strength and overall wellbeing in my clients and athletes who are regularly under the care of Dr. Chris. His patients’ health and overall wellness are his #1 priority. Personally, I used to suffer from constant migraines and low back pain. As a patient of Dr. Chris, my low back pain has disappeared and I have yet to experience a migraine since beginning my healthcare with him 3 years ago which has allowed me to enjoy my active lifestyle again. I have had the privilege of experiencing great improvement in overall muscular strength, range of motion, and an overall feeling of wellness. I highly recommend anybody and everybody, regardless of age, lifestyle, pre-existing conditions, etc. to experience the difference of Valley Spinal Care and Dr. Chris Serafini for their primary healthcare needs.”


Lynette Zurek

Roller Derby Brawler

A fierce Beater & Brawlerina for Arizona Roller Derby!
“Roller derby is a full contact sport. If I take a nasty hit or fall and end up with pain or an injury, Dr. Serafini is able to adjust the joint(s) to provide almost instantaneous relief and a shortened healing time! He keeps me skating!”


Ryan Weaver

Body Builder, Personal Trainer

“Dr. Chris, it’s Ryan Weaver haven’t spoken to you in awhile. Hope all is well, currently in the student clinic, and head to the outpatient clinic next month. Less than a year to go. I want to thank you again for leading me on this path that will be my career. I’m very excited and just wanted to catch up and see how things were and thank you again. God Bless, Ryan”“With their regularly scheduled chiropractic care I noticed my client’s decreased pain, increased shoulder strength, and the ability to complete a variety of exercises. My client was happier and more energetic during our workouts. The continuous care from Dr. Serafini did wonders that exercises alone couldn’t do. Where invasive surgery would have taken many months spent with recovery and physical therapy, chiropractic care maintained their base level of strength and allowed them to still take part in regular daily exercise.”


Nancy Stern

Fitness Dynamo

“In July of 2011 I was not having a fun time working out—my trainer at the time insisted I see Dr. Chris Serafini, an established chiropractor whom my trainer had been seeing for his own issues. At the time, I had not had a good experience with chiropractors. But since my trainer was less than half my age and far bigger, I decided to take his advice and see Dr. Chris. I’ve been a patient there ever since and am thrilled.Dr. Chris is more than a chiropractor. His knowledge of the body, of how to holistically look at various physical and what we might call medical issues, his knowledge of how to diagnose what is going on—is simply amazing. He is not only professional, expert, right on target—but within a week of seeing him (every day to begin with) my initial problem was addressed. Some other issues cropped up but Dr. Chris (and I) hung in there. By early Fall, I was feeling rather fit!”


Vegas Davis

College Basketball Player at Division 1 University of Tennessee, Top Personal Trainer .