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Meet Our Team



Billing Coordinator

Diana has worked in the chiropractic and wellness field for many years & has been part of our team since 2010. She is a certified chiropractic assistant and she also crunches numbers as our billing manager. Originally from Ohio, she is happily married & is a proud mother of two & grandmother of two.



Front Desk

Courtney is a key asset to our team, her enthusiastic and bubbly personality makes every patient feel welcome when stepping into our office! Born and raised in Arizona, she is happy to call this beautiful state home. Courtney is currently a student at Arizona State University studying Kinesiology. She is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have, and to deliver outstanding customer service!



Body Worker

Demaris Parker is originally from Louisiana and Is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona.

His career and original licensing began in Gonzales, Louisiana and he has been licensed in Texas and California as well.

Even though bodywork is less popular in LA, Baton Rouge has one of the more highly prestigious massage schools in the country. Our training included the traditional styles, as well as, deep dives into Asian bodywork, Rolfing, Reflexology and more…

My body work has led me to more subtle modalities and energywork. This includes: Myofascial Release/Unwinding, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine (Qigong, 5 Elements Theory, Accupressure), Polarity Therapy, breathwork, etc…

This foundation led to a self-healing process that’s still evolving. After mastering the previously mentioned techniques with excellent results with his clientele, he added personal training to his repertoire. This hinted to the necessity for movement when treating the body.

As he incorporated the new concepts, he discovered Myoskeletal Alignment Technique and Myofascial Stretching. This is the heart of his current practice, which he dubbed Performance Enhancing Bodywork.

PEB is a combination of 5-7 modalities integrated into one holistically focused practice. Through this approach, he is able to reawaken the body’s original anatomically suggested posture and alignment. This awakens the dormant aspects of a person’s neurology. With PEB, he has found a way to create long-lasting results beyond pain management, opening the door for overall enhanced performance throughout the body.


Dr. Kyle Moslow

Associate Doctor

Dr. Kyle Moslow acquired his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2022 from D’Youville University in Buffalo, NY, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in exercise science from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. He holds an Arizona state license to practice chiropractic.

Growing up in Buffalo, Dr. Moslow stayed active playing many sports, mainly hockey, and going to the gym. Throughout undregraduate and chiropractic school, he was a personal trainer at various gyms, working with all types of people.

Dr. Moslow moved to Arizona excited to share his knowledge and skills with the community and his patients. As a golf fanatic, Dr. Moslow will fit right in with our Scottsdale home.